We are Flor and Mari

And we created the first Geladona store in the world. 

Geladona started in 2020, but it was only in 2022 that we opened the doors of our physical store to the public. We made of Geladona a safe space, where people meet and where we have shared stories with a lot of beautiful souls. It became a home for art, healing, experimentations, experiences, and a bunch of flavours from Brazil translated in desserts of all sorts. What started out in 2022 with its 30 Geladona flavours, evolved now to an amazing neighborhood shop with a specialization in brazilian coffee, pastries made in house, and the incredibly unique desserts. The inspiration for Geladona came as it happens traditionally from back home: on a moment of financial struggles. During the pandemic Mari lost all her jobs as a musician and cultural event producer in Toronto. With the last dollars that she had left she bought ingredients to make the first batches and started selling for friends, and then friends of friends, to soon occupying the shelves of bakeries and markets. "The power of community can transform any circustance", said Mari.